Trust and Obey

If you were a child in church, or if you’re familiar with church, you may recognize the lyrics: Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, than to trust and obey.

I have a confession. I am not often happy in Jesus. I long for Jesus. I seek him. I fear him sometimes. I hide from him sometimes. But the simple state of being happy…

Hmm. What has come to my attention many times lately is how little I trust. I want to trust. I want to believe fully that God’s way is always best. That God is good and He loves me unconditionally. That He is always enough. That His promises apply to me.

I think, if I fully, completely, one hundred percent trusted God’s words, his promises, his character, and his love, I would never sin. Sin is me going my own way, and I don’t need to do that if I trust His way is always the right way.

So I have some work to do. I suspect obedience sometimes comes before trust. Taste and see that I am good, God says. Tasting means taking a bite and chewing, and then the flavor and satiation come next. So I hope to bite and chew. I want to trust with all my heart. I want to acknowledge God in all my ways and not lean on my own understanding. I’m now old enough to have a pretty good idea of just how little I understand. I think obedience might be the way to do that. Leaning on Him. Knowing what He wants because I’ve scoured His Word. Putting into practice all I know about God and how I should respond to him.

Lent is coming. One of my goals this season, as I spiritually prepare for the celebration of Easter, is that I can actively obey and then grow in trust. My heart believes God is good and will always come for me. But my actions say I doubt. I hope to line those up with a good dose of trust.

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