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Trilogy on the River

Triplets on the River

Grow up. Fall in love. Avoid alligators.

Abandoned by her mother, nine year-old Princess finds herself alone in the swamp with her absentee father, who travels the river to make a living. Then she finds Cree at her door, the boy who lives two houses down on their tiny patch of land. He’s twelve and strong, the first boy she’s ever seen, and he invites her to dinner with his baby brothers, because Cree, like Princess, is mostly alone in the world. That evening his eyes sparkle at Princess for the very first time, and Princess’ life truly begins.

From that day forward Cree and Princess work together to survive and raise Cree’s brothers. Occasionally hindered by Cree’s abusive father, they learn about life and growing up through her dad’s extensive library as well as the lessons they figure out on their own. But life in the swamp isn’t easy for two kids. They endure flooding storms, illness, and alligators along the way. Cree longs to care for his brothers and the girl he’s falling in love with by traveling like his dad, but Princess is terrified he’ll never return, just like her mother never returned. And yet they have to agree and work together, because neither can survive alone.

Come visit a quieter place and time and drift down the river in the coming of age/sweet romance series Trilogy on the River.

He wanted a housekeeper, not a wife.

Like many kids on the river, Emilie and Luc are married for the benefits of their families. Emilie considers Luc an attractive boy, and she hopes to find the happiness her parents had. Luc, however, has no understanding of women or wives, and he just wants Emilie to care for his ailing grandfather so he won’t lose his farm.

Emilie is determined to show Luc how helpful a wife can be to him, and she supports him regardless of his cold, silent demeanor or the hurtful antics of his family. Luc’s father, though, is determined to convince Luc that a wife is a problem to be returned to her family when his grandfather dies.

Eventually both Luc and Emilie’s families are working against them, and the pair will need to be united if they are to survive alone in the swamps. Emilie only hopes she can reach Luc’s heart before his papa destroys it—and possibly both of their lives—entirely. Swamp Wife is book two of the Trilogy on the River. Drift down the river and enjoy a sweet romance from a simpler place and time.

Swamp life is rough for a city girl

When Yeardleigh’s papa murders her mama, an unlikely pair steals this city girl to the swamp for safety. Twelve year-old Yeardleigh finds herself left with a family with two boys and a girl, and she has to learn all the ways of river life, nothing like her city existence.

As Yeardleigh grows up, she develops feelings for one of the boys, but he makes a decision that leads him away from her and estranges him from his entire family, forcing Yeardleigh to think about family, city life, and what she wants from her future. When tragedy and danger come to both Cy and Yeardleigh, they have another chance to determine if they could be more than friends. Assuming, of course, they survive the attacks against them.

The final book of the Trilogy on the River, Swamp Song is one more trek into the simpler—but never safer—life of a group of folks who live away from the world on the river. Sweet romance.

He thought he was a monster...

When Sheila was ten, her parents moved from the city to the isolated river delta, where they had to learn to live a new lifestyle in a peaceful, slow-moving, yet sometimes hostile swamp. Away from people, her only friends were three triplet brothers, three years her junior, who taught her how to play in the river, catch crabs, swim, and mostly cause trouble.

At eighteen, Sheila wants to get married, but she can’t imagine growing up and leaving her triplets. Then she realizes that she’s really only worried about leaving one triplet. It’s hard not to think of him as a little boy, and although he’s grown up well, Sheila isn’t sure how to relate to her playmate as a romantic prospect.

Montague has always been hard on himself. He wants to be a good husband and father, and that means learning to hunt and trap and build and trade. He has no patience with his older brother, who still sees him as a little boy, or with his siblings and Sheila, who don’t understand his fears. When an accident drives him even farther inside himself, Montague begins to see himself as a monster, irredeemable and definitely not someone worthy of friends or a wife.

Montague is the first book in the Triplets on the River series. Grow up. Fall in love. Avoid Alligators. Again.

She didn't know swamp rats could fall in love

I grew up in a huge family deep in the swamp, isolated from outsiders. When a drought made it hard for Papa to feed all of us, I lived with my aunt, a healer. She invited a boy to stay and train with her, a beautiful boy who smiled and laughed and taught me to play, all things my family seldom did. His name was Pierre.

Papa forced me to marry a monster, and when I couldn’t stand it anymore, I ran to Pierre for help. Except I was now someone else’s wife, and while he took me home to protect me, my presence also broke his heart, because he loved me. I didn’t understand that at all, how such a beautiful boy could want a deep swamp rat in his life.

When the stress of healing and the loss of a few patients takes Pierre apart, it’s up to me and his triplet brothers to rescue and heal him. I only hope he can forgive me enough to let me help him.

Pierre is book two of the series Triplets on the River, books about life on a lazy river delta. Grow up, fall in love, and avoid alligators.

They knew Remy would never leave home. Until the day he disappeared.

When Natalie and Charles’ father goes to prison, and their mother commits suicide as a result, the siblings find themselves penniless and homeless, two rich city kids looking for distant family in the river delta. Their first stop on the river leads them to a guide, Remy, a young man Natalie’s age who travels with a cat, knows everything about the river, and won’t give them the first clue about his life or his past.

After weeks of searching doesn’t turn up their missing aunt, Natalie and Charles decide they need to learn the skills of river life, from trapping to trading to guiding a raft. As he teaches them, the mysterious Remy gets sick, and he has no choice but to take them to his home, where they discover just how much he’s hidden from them.

A big family with triplet brothers, Remy’s people are thrilled and yet furious with the return of their missing brother, and Natalie tries to help them walk through their feelings, including the tragedy that sent Remy away in the first place. While she falls in love with the triplet, his family helps them continue their search for her family. Now, though, Natalie is torn between biological family she’s never met and a family of the heart that has pulled her in.

Remy is the third and final installment of the Triplets on the River, books about life on a lazy river delta. Grow up, fall in love, and avoid alligators.

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