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New Releases

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Is this the end of the island? St. Ninian's Sanctuary

Felicia is on the island to watch her cousin Lynn marry one of the island pilots. Barry is on the island to give his mother-in-law a chance to refresh and recharge, knowing caring for his wheelchair-bound son is wearing her down.

Or so they believe. Perhaps God wants more for Felicia, Barry, and the entire population of St. Ninian’s Sanctuary. And maybe the lessons learned come with devastating consequences.  Click the cover for more information.

After years rescuing him, she came the closest to taking him down. Terry's Garden
This wasn't supposed to be his life... Tales of Balia
Moonset Child, Tales of Balia

Secret identities. Creepy castles. Journeys through danger. Ancient evil. When two new stable boys appear at Hawthorn Castle, two nearly-invisible maids have no idea the men will change their lives and the lives of two kingdoms. Now on Kindle Unlimited, or buy for $0.99 throughout the month. Click cover for more information.

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