Engage in a Journey

The Sekou Saga

A Tale of Balia in Four Parts

An ancient warrior tired of life. A misfit group of teens looking for homes. And a mission sent by a god that’s bigger than anything any of them has seen before.

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Chessa's Rescue

Galleo is an ancient, mystical warrior of the god who doesn’t age and can’t seem to die, and he’s tired. After spending lifetimes rescuing people of the god when they find themselves in danger, he simply wants to go home to Everworld and see the face of the god who, he hopes, loves and created him.

However, a bishop’s vision sends him on yet another mission, and he finds himself guardian to an unlikely group of children and teens searching for a missing princess: an innocent farm girl, an arrogant young prince, a worldly merchant’s son who hides great secrets, a toddler with an unknown past, a broken guard, and a strange-looking boy raised in a cage as a circus freak.

So begins an epic journey into dark continents, across the great seas, and over dangerous mountains as Galleo and the children discover their true mission might have nothing to do with a missing princess. Instead, the journey is all about finding homes for the lost young people and rescues for anyone they come in contact with, for it seems the god has grand, amazing plans for these teens. Galleo only hopes that somewhere along the line the god chooses to grant him death and peace, the things he has craved for lifetimes.

Dane's Mountain

Having betrayed his friends to save his family, Dane the guard is now called on to right his wrongs, and he finds himself leading his friends back to his home, a dangerous mountain filled with enemies. His friends no longer trust him, and he deserves that. What he doesn’t deserve is their forgiveness and concern, and he is determined to keep them safe and be worthy of their misplaced trust.

Galleo, the ancient warrior sent to protect them, forces Dane into leadership, and they climb the mountain and encounter, for the first time in the man’s memory, hints of his origins. They also encounter nature at its worst and evil men, and one of Galleo’s charges is gravely wounded.

Friendship, trust, and faith have to come together to get the children and their guardian off the mountain and back to the task of finding safe homes for all of them. Along the way they rescue souls and discover their own strengths, for each has a role to play in this drama of the god. Unfortunately, an old enemy follows, so the journey home isn’t as easy as they hope.

Gem's Gypsies

With their leader missing, the group looks to Gem to head the search to find him. Embarrassed by his upbringing and trying to avoid his destiny, Gem fights them, but eventually he leads his closest friends across the continent to find a beloved warrior of the god. However, Gem’s lies to his friends haunt, and restoring their trust and faith in him is harder than he expected. His craving for friendships and connections seems to crumble with every step they take.

Disguised as a gypsy troupe, the group touches villagers with music and dance, draws the attention of evil cults, and finds itself sailing into the great sea to find clues to some of their pasts. With two new members, they have more experience to draw from as well as more conflict to deal with. Again they face danger and learn things about themselves they don’t want to know. Gem himself fights new-found visions, which speak of danger and death in the futures of his friends.

As the journey leads them into the waters, the group continues to fight their way home, even though they have no idea what will constitute home for this group of misfit, broken, exhausted teens and adults.

It ends here, whatever the cost

When a storm spreads the group across the shores of the great sea, they begin the long journey back to one another. Each finds clues along the way that speak of the true origins and purpose of Galleo, their ancient friend, as well as one final mission deadlier than all the rest put together.

Racing time, facing loss, and fighting enemies, the teens use visions, mystical gifts, wisdom beyond their years, and memories of things lost to make their way to one another and then to an inland mountain where thousands of lives hang in the balance. Much to everyone’s surprise, Casimir, the arrogant boy prince, suddenly becomes a force of his own, leading where nobody else wishes to lead and breaking hearts when he sacrifices everything for those he loves.

It seems the god has asked more of the group than they can possibly give, and they have little hope for success. However, each hopes that any who survive this final battle will finally have the blessing of finding home. The Tales of Balia: Stories of a world not unlike ours and the deity who will stop at nothing to get his children home. Historic fantasy with a Christian worldview.

Casimir’s Silence is the final installment of the Sekou Saga, a Tale of Balia in Four Parts.

The Sekou Saga in two volumes or one ebook

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