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Casa Flanigan

Contemporary Christian Romance

When Luke Flanigan’s dad gave him a farm for college graduation, he never expected God to bring broken strangers to its gate for healing. All. The. Time. Contemporary Christian romance.

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The Walkabout Scribe

He just wants to breathe the air…

After losing his mom to cancer, Kincade McClanahan plans a trip across the country where he can breathe the air, see the sights, and forget his pain. Along the way he realizes he’s not ready to be part of anyone’s story yet, and he has no idea how he’s going to find his way in the world with his heart so fragile and isolated. (Click MORE for full description)

The Aunt Whisperer

When Luke and Susan get home, their farm is a mess…

Carmen teaches dance at the Casa Flanigan farm while hiding a change of her life plans. Carl is a reluctant guest who wants to escape and live on his terms.  When the Flanigans get home, they find their farm floundering from all corners… (Click MORE for full description)

Border Crossing:
A Pair of Novels

Because some stories take two books in two series on two continents

A construction worker helping to build on the farm. A guest who’s messed up everything in her life. A cousin so broken nobody can get close to him. It will take two books on two continents to get this trio sorted.

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The Dusty Knight

Can a tarnished princess thaw the knight’s frozen heart?

Frustrated after a man-hating boss fires him, Zeke drives across the country to help with the Casa Flanigan farm while its caretakers go on their honeymoon. For unemployed, disillusioned Zeke the opportunity is a dream come true. Animals, fresh air, and no people. (Click MORE for full description)

The Hundred-Days Miracle

Some days waking up is enough…

After addiction nearly kills him, Jaime Holloway and his dog Bakersfield find themselves at Casa Flanigan, where he hopes to continue to heal and find the strength to put together a new life. Most days he doubts he can do it. (Click MORE for full description.)

Those Dreamy Welles Boys

It was time for the messy brother to get something right...

Brock heals from an accident at Casa Flanigan farm, where he has to deal with a girl hiding deep grief and his perfect brother. But Brock has always messed up everything he touches, and he’s sure that won’t change now.(Click MORE for full description)

The Barefoot Bard

He was the most blessed–or the most cursed–of men.

Jericho came to the farm on a bike, a drifter with no past. He brought light and healing to everyone he met, and yet darkness was closing in on him… Maybe it was time for the drifter to settle and heal and face down his past. Christian romance on a farm where God heals broken souls. (Click MORE for full description)

The Backstage Answer Man

A broken professional dancer. A backward dance teacher. And a production of The Nutcracker nobody expected. Grab a little Christmas joy with this story of healing and new beginnings…