Engage the Author

I’m Jill. I don’t really like this part of the website, because I write imaginary things better than real things. If you want to know me, read my books. 

But a few details might fill out this page, so here goes. I spent most of my adult life home schooling four kids who are now out there in the world doing adult things. All residual parenting/spoiling tendencies are now aimed at my husband, who doesn’t always appreciate it, and my Chihuahua Sparrow, who LIVES to be spoiled.

I live in the country. I like open skies, coyotes and owls at night, neighbor sheep and cows by day, and driving long, winding roads to get to the grocery store.

As a Christian, I spend a lot of time learning more about God and wishing I did a better job of reflecting Him. A lot of my books are Christian, and those that aren’t are still told through that lens because it’s the only lens I have.

I write multiple genres, including romance, fantasy,  and coming of age, some for teens and some for adults, although teens and adults read each other’s stuff all the time, so most of what I write is good for anyone who wants to read it.

My eclectic writing comes from my eclectic reading–I write what I want to read, so what I write varies. I also give lots of things away so you can decide before ever spending a dime if my work will tell a story YOU want to read.

Mostly I love to write. I love to imagine characters and worlds. I make sense of the world by writing about it. And I share that writing because people who create are almost obsessively driven to share. I have a writing degree with honors, so I even do it fairly well, which makes that sharing part go better.

Finally, enjoy these selfies of me, because they are the first and last selfies I ever plan to take. 

Want to say hello? You can find me at jill@jillpenrod.com