The Bundles Shop

Grab collections of two to four books cheaper than buying them singly. Romance, coming of age, fantasy–you’ll find a little bit of everything here. Prices are for ebooks, then paperbacks, and then hard covers, when they apply. Click the images for book descriptions and buy links. 

**Prices shown are current sale prices.**

Ebooks between .50-1.66 each. PB $4-7 each. HC $6-11 each, all in sets of 2-4 books

The Girls Aglow Collection Two

4.99/13.99/20.99 (If paperback link doesn't come up, click Kindle link)

The Sekou Saga Volume One

Physical books only 14.99/21.99

The Sekou Saga Volume Two

Physical books only 14.99/21.99

Border Crossing: A Pair of Novels

0.99/12.99 (If paperback link doesn't show up, click Kindle link)