Border Crossing


Sometimes it takes two books in two series on two continents to tell a good story. This pair of books includes a book each from the Casa Flanigan and St. Ninian’s Sanctuary series, contemporary Christian small-town romance.


Taking characters from multiple series, this pair of books follows friendship and romance around the world, starting on Casa Flanigan, a farm in rural America, and ending in St. Ninian’s Sanctuary, a Christian retreat center nearly on the bottom of the world, to tell a story of sacrifice, compassion, and love in its many forms. Although they take place in two separate series, the pair of books can stand alone, so even if you’ve never read one or both of the series, go ahead and jump in for an adventure that spans continents.

In The Mosaic Hero, meet Mitch, construction worker hiding from his life, Sami, college student hiding from her shame, and Aaron, a family friend hiding from his pain. The trio meets at Casa Flanigan and begins to forge friendships and a romance, but danger has followed one of them here, and everything they’ve worked for might fall apart.

In Call the Dawn, the trio has retreated to Sami’s home, St. Ninian’s Sanctuary, a Christian retreat center on the bottom of the world. As Aaron heals from an accident that almost took his life, the group meets Trixie, a young mystery writer hiding from her failure. But when danger strikes again, Trixie’s wit, as well as her heart, might help these friends find peace, healing, and love.


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