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If you like free books and writing reviews, then you might belong on a Launch Team. Retailers, especially Amazon, are more likely to show buyers books with large numbers of good reviews, and the launch team can help make that happen.

If you join a team, expect a link for a free ebook two weeks before any new release. You’ll receive a reminder notice a week after this. Then on launch day, you’ll get an email with the link to the Amazon review page for that book. Please review as close to release day as possible.

Don’t want to review on Amazon? No problem. Head to your favorite retailer or to Goodreads and leave a review there. A review needn’t be long or complicated–just tell buyers why they might like this book. Or not like it, if that’s the case.

Because my books come in several genres, there are three launch teams: Romance, Coming-of-age/Teen, and Fantasy. Right now Romance includes the St. Ninian’s Sanctuary series and the Casa Flanigan books. Teen includes the Snack Cake Chronicles. And Fantasy is Tales of Balia and the upcoming Strains of Portomare series.

You may sign up for one, two, or all three groups. Just follow the link below to get started. And thank you in advance–this is the most helpful thing a reader can do for an author outside of buying a book. Have questions? Scroll past the subscription form for more answers.


*I already signed up for your launch teams once. Do I have to sign up again?—Yes. I’m starting the teams from scratch for 2023.

*What if I change my mind?—Shoot me an email if you want to stay on my list but leave the launch teams. (I fully understand. No hard feelings AT ALL.)

*What if I don’t review the books?—I can’t always tell who reviews and who doesn’t. This is on the honor system. If you download a free book, please review it.

*I don’t have time for this book but want to review the next one.—If you know you can’t review a book, please don’t download it. You will remain on the list even if you can’t review every book.

*How often will I be asked to review?–In 2023 I intend to release about 10 books, divided among the three groups. You may download as few or many of those as you’d like.

Thank you in advance, and feel free to email me with questions at