Triplets on the River Series


Grow up. Fall in love. Avoid alligators. The complete series about a set of triplets growing up and finding romance in a lazy river community. Adventure, sweet romance, coming of age.

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Grow up. Fall in love. Avoid Alligators.

Drift down the river and enjoy a trio of novels from a simpler place and time, now combined into one volume. Follow three brothers—triplets—as they grow up in an isolated community on the river, facing the dangers of the swamp and learning about life, responsibility, and love along the way.

Montague—Sheila grew up with triplet brothers, causing trouble and enjoying childhood to the fullest. Now that she’s grown up, she realizes she has feelings for one of those brothers, and the transition from playmate to romantic partner isn’t easy. It’s made harder when an accident causes Montague to see himself as a monster not deserving of Sheila’s love and attention.

Pierre—Suzette is a deep river rat, coming from an isolated childhood. After she moves to stay with an ailing aunt, she meets Pierre, who’s training with her aunt to become a healer. He’s beautiful and energetic and alive, unlike anyone she ever knew. When her father marries her to a monster, she runs to Pierre for safety. Not only can he protect her, but maybe she can save him when a horrible loss nearly takes him apart.

Remy—City girl Natalie and her brother Charles come to the swamp to look for family, hiring a guide named Remy, a boy not much older than she is. He seems to own his world, strong and capable, except every bit of his personal life is a secret. When he becomes ill he has no choice but to take her to his family, where she discovers just how much brokenness her guide and friend has been hiding.

Grow up. Fall in love. Avoid alligators. The River books, six tales of a slower but not safer life on a lazy river delta. Sweet coming of age romance suitable for teens and adults alike.


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