Trilogy on the River Series


Grow up. Fall in love. Avoid alligators. The complete series about three sets of kids growing up and finding romance in a lazy river community. Adventure, sweet romance, coming of age.

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Grow up. Fall in love. Avoid alligators.

Drift down the river and enjoy a trio of novels from a simpler place and time, now combined into one volume. Follow three sets of youngsters as they grow up in the isolated communities on the river, facing the dangers of the swamp and learning about life, responsibility, and love along the way.

In Swamp Rats, Cree and Princess lose their mothers and grow up nearly alone in the swamps, enduring infrequent visits from abusive and absentee dads. Raising Cree’s baby brothers, the pair has to grow up fast, and they learn as they go about the dangers of the swamp, the hardships of living alone, and the power of love to heal all wounds.

Swamp Wife is the story of Emilie, who finds herself married to Luc, a boy she barely knows. When she realizes he married her to care for his ailing grandfather so he can tend his farm, Emilie determines to make Luc love her the way her papa loved her mama. Unfortunately, their families and the unpredictable swamps threaten everything they hold dear, and Emilie hopes she can waken Luc’s heart before they both lose their dreams.

In Swamp Song, city-born Yeardleigh escapes to the swamp after her papa kills her mama. Longing to belong somewhere, she lives with a swamp family and learns everything she can about life on the river. Although she and one of the boys in the household develop feelings for one another, he makes a decision that will take him far from her and eventually endanger them both, and only her strength and determination can bring healing to the family she loves.

Packed with adventure, danger, and tender romance, the Trilogy on the River will appeal to anyone who believes in happily ever after.


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